FRUIT CENTER is a dynamic company of fruits and vegetables. It began her activity many years ago. The love and the taste for the culture of ground they have passed with respect in generation to generation. NEW FRUIT CENTER is a modern wrapping center , which allocates most excellent equipment, cooling booths and privately-owned lorries refrigerators for the better and most rapid distribution seasonal fruits and vegetables in the eternal market.

  We find it self in a nodal point in the centre of Macedonia (Skdra - Galatades) Prefecture of Pella.( Function twelve months per year).Our network covers, a wider spectrum of catering.
Except supermarkets internal consumption, we collaborated also ,with countries of central and Eastern Europe.

  FRUIT CENTER is distinguished for the reability in all sectors ,as consider the quality, screening, packing, standardization, and consequence because we are thinking and behave like consumers. The conditions of hygiene in the past few years they require stricter and more intensive controls of the products. At the moment ,that we have to do with live organisms, automatically we face them with respect and more specific with responsibility!

  Because of this, we choose producers which avoid possessed use of chemical substances in their culture. We allocate wide range in code packed fruits and vegetables of high quality from selected fields, with the care experienced agronomists.

  Our excellent relations with the producers give us the possibility of having sufficiency ,of products even in the difficult moments in market.



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