Our firm plays a leading part also in Import of fruits and vegetables. Is supplier of many big supermarkets not only in Greece but in East and Central Europe as well.  Concretely from the beginning this year's year FRUIT CENTER began the import of fruits and vegetables from our neighbor country Turkey with big success. There is our own person in charge of market that checks the better quality and the better prices for our customers.
We are follow not only the requirements of European markets but also their policy of professionalism.

    We gave particular gravity in packing. Our cartons are of standardized sizes ,color coded for easy identification and carry detailed description of contents. At the receipt of our products ,becomes strict qualitative control according to the specifications that have placed our firm FRUIT CENTER examine factors ,that contribute in their quality as the temperature and the cleanness of transport means .

  We have possessed collaboration with exterior laboratory for microbiological controls of products in regular time.
NEW FRUIT CENTER has already beginned all  the formal processes, for the  Application of    EUREPGAP and HACCP certifications. The safety of consumer is our initial priority!



We aim in three things:

  Our customers safety

  Our customers confidence

  Our customers satisfaction

Safety, trust and Satisfaction have as basis what FRUIT CENTER represents. The reliability!





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